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Baking soda is a good, clean choice for removing stinky smells from all kinds of things, and silicone is no exception. Put a half cup of soda in a gallon of water and throw the toy in. Give it a good soaking. Repeat this part of the cleaning if you don’t feel confident that the smell is coming out. The baking soda won’t damage the toy at all.

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I have the exact same one, although in a small size. I have experienced the same there, where repeatedly washing it fails to dispel the smell. Eventually I boiled it, washed it again with dish soap, and let it air out a bit. You can boil silicone toys and not damage them at all, but I am not 100% convinced the toy is pure silicone.

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Here’s an easy fix: Just put a new condom on your sex toy every time you use it, depending on the toy’s shape. This can eliminate the need for cleaning altogether.

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Set the toys outside in the sunshine. Sunlight not only helps the toys to dry, but helps to eliminate odor. Let the toys sunbathe for three to four hours.

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For a more high-tech means to get your toys clean, there's also the UVee — a sex toy sanitizing system that promises disinfect 99.9 percent of all bacteria using light in ten minutes — which ...

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Be prepared to make several applications to remove the odor completely. Mix baking soda with a small amount of water to make a paste. It should be thick enough that it will stick to the wall without dripping.

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(Soap and water will do the trick; you can also boil the toy to disinfect it completely, unless it contains a motor.) For easier entry, insert a toy with a pointed tip into the anus at an angle.

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It’s made of PVC silicone so it isn’t 100 percent silicone and may have that classic toy smell at first. It’s 7.8 inches long in total (maybe six insertable) and 1.65 inches in diameter.

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Doing what you can to rid your home from the smell of feces, while not a pleasant task, is actually quite simple. All you need are a few cleaning products, some elbow grease and a pair of gloves. It is important to keep in mind that you don't want to mask the smell with perfumes; you want to remove it with the proper cleaning procedures.